Unlocking the Power of NetSuite
Customizations with EGS

EGS NetSuite Support & Customization Services

Traditionally, the prospect of customizing on-premise or cloud-based applications comes with concerns of high costs and extended development timelines. NetSuite customers, however, prefer the reliability of working with a trusted partner like EGS to customize and support their software. We understand the importance of NetSuite customizations and strive to make the process secure and straightforward.

In the realm of NetSuite customizations, the true cloud platform's unified data model ensures a secure and simplified experience. The "one source of truth" approach of the NetSuite platform, in a true cloud setting, provides a robust foundation for customizations and add-ons. NetSuite upgrades are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that enhancements or custom code align with NetSuite Leading Practices.

Choosing the Right NetSuite Implementation Partner

At EGS, we offer comprehensive services to help you implement, service, and support NetSuite. Our dedicated team provides top-notch customer service and on-demand NetSuite assistance. Partnering with EGS means gaining access to a team that cares about your success, offering direct consultations, quick interactions through live chat, and participation in our vibrant NetSuite User Group.

Selecting the right NetSuite implementation and ongoing services team is crucial for a successful deployment and long-term support. EGS provides the following tips to ensure your success:

  1. Assess your business needs.
  2. Look for experience and expertise.
  3. Consider ongoing support.
  4. Evaluate customer satisfaction.
  5. Seek flexibility and scalability.
  6. Transparent pricing model.
  7. Local support for better communication and faster response times.

Choosing EGS as your NetSuite implementation partner means receiving personalized attention, direct access to our consultants, on-demand solutions, and a flexible pricing model tailored to your budget.

Benefits of Customizing NetSuite with EGS

  • Tailor NetSuite to meet your exact business requirements.
  • Customize end-to-end business processes to your company’s specific needs.
  • Build new functionality, workflows, and processes.
  • Connect to legacy and third-party applications seamlessly.
  • Personalize roles to optimize individual and team productivity.

EGS ensures that NetSuite customizations remain secure and supported through bi-annual version upgrades, backed by Oracle’s robust infrastructure.

NetSuite Flexibility for Your Business Growth

NetSuite, recognized as a leader by industry analysts, scales with your business from startup to global corporation. EGS empowers your journey with award-winning software, enabling you to start small, establish a foundation, and effortlessly scale into the future.

Explore NetSuite customization tips and tricks with EGS, covering custom fields, saved searches, KPIs, dashboards, workflows, and more. Whether you’re starting your NetSuite journey or seeking additional customizations, EGS’s full-service team is ready to assist.